I miss you…

Not going to lie… I do not miss art shows… I do not miss the loading, unloading, hauling, tagging, sweating or freezing or the mental exhaustion that comes with all of it.

But what I do miss is you! I miss the hugs, laughs, smiles, kindness and heart attached to each and everyone of you I have met along this wonderful twisted journey. This year has been a strange one and although we have adapted and overcome so much, the road still seems dark and never ending….

When we made these hard choices last March I never thought they would still be our life come November… but I thank you from the very bottom of our handmade hearts for sticking with us, standing by us and continuing to choose us. &&& I can guarantee once we are through all of this, I am going to hug the shit out of each and everyone of you ♡

Thank you for everything. Seriously. You have kept our heads above water during some pretty unreal waves.

Coming to you from my hand twisted… but broken wire heart…

Well… I think this is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Not only for my business but for my family as well. So please, I come to you with so much heart ache and I hope that my choice is accepted with kindness.
Covid19 is growing day by day, and the fears and unknowns associated with it are leaving me sleepless. Last night I tossed and turned and really thought about how I should handle it and how i can do my part. I am not essential, and the products I need buy to create are not essential.
Yes art brings happiness and oh my god am I ever thankful for that, but the weight of worry attached to this happiness is dragging me down. The fears of someone getting sick because they left their homes to pick up their artwork isn’t something I can live with. Or my mail carrier working so hard to get packages out while also carrying art seems ridiculous on my part. And justifying a paint run or a run for staples right now just isn’t doable. I love all of those that make what I do possible and these essential workers need me to limit their contact to keep them safe.
Yes, this is how I feed my family so the idea of not selling is more terrifying than you will ever know, BUT I can not justify selling, while also living in fear of someone getting sick. Absolute strangers, my family and friends or us… it isnt worth it. And as much as I love what i do I love those around me more.
So with a really heavy heart I have decided to close Parkadilly. In our 9 years of twisting I have never done this so please have patience with me. We are going to close as of Friday April 3rd at 5pm and we will revisit a possible reopen as of Friday April 17th (My birthday)
All custom orders currently placed will be finished by Monday. Those that need to be shipped will also be shipped then. Of course I will be creating behind the scenes so I can load your newsfeed and your walls once this is all over. But this will also allow me to focus more energy on my little lady Parker and do what I can to comfort her daily during this confusing time.
If you want to place a custom order, please do so by Friday April 3rd at 5pm. Afterwards no orders or sales will be accepted.
I know this is a terrifying time for everyone, and believe me my heart is with you all more now than ever. I will do my best to keep my head up high and really hope that you will still be here with me when all of this is over.
You guys have given me so many opportunities to be myself, to care for those I love and to create little bursts of colourful happiness over the past 9 years, now I am doing what I can to care for you in the ways you have cared for me.
It is the least I can do. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I love you all and will miss you over this little break greatly
We are choosing to isolate ourselves, and do our part so that once this is all over, no one. I mean no one is missing. ❤

2800 Frames SOLD!

Woohoo! We are happy to announce that we have officially hit 2800 frames recycled – salvaged – twisted and SOLD! Seriously I am amazed.
The fact that I wake up each day, create and live a life so fulfilling is unreal. I have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do what I love, in a community that supports what I do, and feed my family while doing it.
You guys have no idea what you mean to me, I hold you close in my hearts, and though we some of us may never meet, your support for me has been part of who I have become. So many of you have become my friends, and even family. You guys are my safe place to be myself, and embrace all my quirks, faults and struggles. When I succeed you all encourage me, and when I fall you are there to catch me.
I am constantly terrified of waking up from this absoluelty perfect dream… because with thanks to all of you, it just seems to good to be true ❤
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

2650 recycled, twisted and SOLD

Woohoo! It is a good day to have a great day! I just updated the shop album after a few pieces found their homes last night and came to realize that we are sitting at 2650 frames recycled, salvaged and SOLD at Parkadilly! So with that being said… everything in the online shop is 10% off today! YES! That’s right! Shop for mom, or treat yourself! Parkadilly.com/Shop/