About Us…

Welcome to Parkadilly, the home sweet home of my one of a kind, hand twisted dreams. Over the past seven years I have twisted my dreams to life all while supporting my family. Parkadilly is, and always will be more than a roll of wire and some recycled frames. We are a family.

It all started with a tree, one wire tree. & I won’t lie, that tree was the hardest piece yet, it was hours of work, blood, sweat and tears. I needed that tree more than words can ever express. With that tree came my own identity, a purpose more than just being a mom to my beautiful one year old daughter, Parker. It was reason to dream, a reason to push and a reason to grow. Over the years I have found myself, I have gained a self confidence I never knew I had and an understanding of what I need from this life.

Each piece tells a story, from our hand twisted family trees to over wire wrapped wild flowers. Each curve, each bend, each twist… is unique. My hands have created over 3000 window framed pieces, countless free standing designs and over 150 of our new hand crafted frames. The wire that has slipped through my hands could travel much farther than I ever will in this life.

The ups and downs of it all speak through my designs, my passion has grown so much over the years and my fuel for my designs burns even deeper. Take a look, hopefully it makes you feel something too

Take your broken heart, make it into art – Carrie Fisher

Our Mission: To directly impact our environment by salvaging unique & beautiful framing from our landfills while twisting, embellishing and enhancing their nature beauty with our one of a kind designs. Saving the world with art – One frame at a time. Follow us:

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